Location: Somewhere in southeast Utah: have tent, will travel.

Nearest Airport: Probably Grand Junction CO, Durango CO or Salt Lake City UT.

Time of Year: Early May and late September, semi-annual.

Who Attends: Mostly adults. Children are free, teens and young adults by donation. A few well-behaved dogs.

Weather: Pretty much anything.

Special Considerations: This is a co-created community event, where everyone can participate in its creation. It is a camping situation with no electricity or running water. We bring in water and portapotties, and make sure everyone is taken care of.

Special Features: Rumi Café (Talent Show), Clothing Exchange, Bazaar, Laughter Yoga, optional hikes, meditation, sharing circle(s), potlucks.

Contact: Sky Roshay, 928-536-3307,

A more detailed information packet is available on request.

Facebook page: "Dances of Universal Peace Canyonlands Camp"

The video link to the definitive Canyonlands Camp video:

Another video:

These two are from the Rumi Café (talent show):


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