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DUPNA is strongly committed to supporting and encouraging our next-generation Dance leaders and dancers throughout the USA and Canada. This new Youth & Next-Generation Page presents resources that we hope will provide the tools you need to promote, inspire, and enliven your interest and enjoyment of the Dances of Universal Peace. Please return often for updates!

Volunteer Opportunities for Young Adults

Are you passionate about sharing the Dance tradition with the world? Do you want to help further the legacy of Murshid SAM? Volunteering is a great way to help envision and sustain the future of the Dances. (Open this to learn more!)


Youth-oriented Dance Camps, Trainings and Events


Take a look around...Does your circle include some dancers or Dance leaders in their teens, 20s and 30s? Are you a young person interested in attending a camp where you can be with others in your generation? Many camps offer special discounted prices and incentives for youth participation, along with activities for teens, children, and young adults. Read on!

(Check back for updates on events and opportunities!)


Giving and Receiving Support for Youth Attendance

Diana Lyon, co-chair of the Sufi Ruhaniat Youth Council, has suggested the following for supporting youth to attend Youth events:

To Provide Support:

1) Communities/Circles can raise funds locally to sponsor specific attendees of Youth Events. If the funds are for travel expenses, they may be given directly to the individual to cover expenses.

2) Communities/Circles can raise funds locally to support scholarships/grants in general. These funds will be available to those who apply for support through the SRI Youth Scholarship Fund. This fund is well established and well known, and it is just as important to place support here as it is to encourage local-level sponsorship. (These funds would be sent to the Ruhaniat Secretariat, Basira Beardsworth at P.O. Box 22, Makawao, HI 96768 with the note "youth scholarship.")

To Receive Support:

1) An individual wishing to attend can be sponsored by their local community. We've found that a good approach for this is a letter written by a leader and the youth articulating the need, saying a bit about themselves, including a photo, etc. and sent to the local community to solicit support, followed by a collection process within the community.

2) An individual wishing to attend can apply for scholarship through the SRI Youth Scholarship Fund. The application for scholarship can be found at www.sufiyouth.com in the Scholarship section: http://www.ruhaniat.org/index.php/youth-scholarships/youth-apply.

The Youth Council e-mail is youthcouncil@ruhaniat.org


The New Sufi Ruhaniat Youth Website

The Sufi Ruhaniat has a new website www.sufiyouth.com, created by and for youth, teens, young adults, and younger leaders. This site will serve youth who are already connected into the lineage as they travel the path, and those who are newly reaching out to connect.

One of the features of the site is regional leader and youth contacts throughout the world. Another aspect of the site we're particularly excited about is having information and applications for the Youth Scholarship Fund online. This will streamline the scholarship application process, both for applicants, and those of us serving on the Scholarship Committee. Please spread the word about it!


Printable Coloring Pages for Kids of All Ages!

When the kids aren't dancing, they can be having fun coloring and learning about the world's wisdom traditions!


Bismillah (.pdf)


Find many more pictures to color on our new Activites Page! >>


Fun and Inspiring: Cool and Useful YouTubes




Quito, Ecuador

Sufi Youth Rap

September, 2011

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Young Adults at WDC 2011 The Next Generation
FUN! Bubble Man in Hawaii! Family Dance Ithaca 2011
Love Grows - Children's Dance CGPP - Pics and a beautiful song!
Children's Global Peace Project 1 Children's Global Peace Project 2
CGPP SMA Montessori - I open my eyes to you CGPP SMA Waldorf - Altisimo Corazón


Other Worthy Resources at This Website:

Regional Telecon Archives: See 06.08.11 “Supporting the Next Generation of Dancers”

Leaders & Musicians Resources
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Want to be more involved, connect with community? Go here for more...

Link to archived recording of planning meeting for 2014 Sufi Youth Jam


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To submit youth and next-generation-related events or share your own ideas for possible inclusion on this page, please make contact.