Quartzsite Winter Desert Rendezvous

Event Description

Peace Dancer Rendezvous
Quartzsite Winter Desert Camp
January 15-22, 2020, near Quartzsite AZ


Dear Peace Dancers and all with Campers or RVs, you are invited to the fifth annual free desert rendezvous by Quartzsite AZ. It will be held January 15-22,2020 on public land (BLM) and include companionship, music campfires, potlucks and Dances of Universal Peace under the desert sky.

Our leaders are Bernie Skydrummer and Joy Morris,
who lead dances inthe American Southwest, and friends.  We'll convene Wednesday, January 15th, 2020 at our Rendezvous site off Cholla Rd (BLM0134, 1.6mi W of Quartzsite). Those present will initiate a calendar of events that will include potlucks, music campfires, desert hikes, outings and supply runs, and Dances ofUniversal Peace. Good-byes Thursday, January 23, 2020.


See our Flier for directions andother important details. Do read itall the way thru.


It's free, so you can just show up. There will be a donation basket for the leaders. Do email us if you expect to come, and we’ll include you in the update emails as the date approaches. Write Jai at peace@r2v2.net to be added to or removed from the email list.

Average daytime high temperature, 70°, night time low, 48°.  Average wind,6mph, and gusts above 35mph possible; be prepared for wind chill, sun, orclimate change.

Questions? Write Jai at peace@r2v2.net

January 15-22, 2020

Downloadable Flier

Joy (phone) or Jai (email)

970 560 1686