About DUP North America

The North American region of the Dances of Universal Peace (often abbreviated as DUPNA, or simply, NA) is one organized region within the worldwide family of regions and communities that foster the growth and expression of the Dances of Universal Peace. Although the global family “network” is every Dance circle, dancer, Dance leader, musician, and supporter of the Dances worldwide, regional organizations have been formed to support the grass-roots network.

The North American region includes the United States and Canada. It is a non-profit public-benefit corporation run by a volunteer Board and Office staff, drawn from the Dance community within North America. Its main purposes are to:

  • Connect people and provide information and ideas, using communication tools like web sites, e-newsletters, social media,, and periodic regional teleconferences;

  • Support the work of the Guidance Council and Dances of Universal Peace International;

  • Steward the NA organization to allow it to fulfill its purposes, including staffing an office at a central location to answer questions and distribute information, maintain the membership database, manage finances and accounting, and support the work of the Board;

  • Carry out specific projects that involve providing outreach funds, coordinating volunteers and projects within the region, fund raising for future efforts and organizing regional events.

The DUPNA Board of Directors


Majida Myriah Pazereckas Roy (WA; BOD, President)
Jane Sky (MI; BOD, Vice-President Secretary)
Tajali Theresa Tolan
(Treasurer, WI)
      Astarte Sellars        (BOD, B.C., Canada)

Jen Friedman (CO; Regional Administrator)


Goals for 2018

  • Continue to provide an informative quarterly newsletter, increase readership, and enlist more volunteers to be on the ‘newsletter team’.
  • Update the website as needed, providing valuable resources to dance leaders and circles
  • Organize an educational and inspirational presence for the Dances of Universal Peace at the Parliament of World Religions to be held in Toronto, Canada in November, 2018
  • Enlist 2 people to become volunteer Board members for DUPNA.
  • Enlist volunteers to help with ‘special projects’.
  • Initiate and conduct 2 teleconferences
  • Start the process of establishing a Youth/Young Adult council to focus on the Dances and Peace in Action
  • Create a unique holiday card and continue to invite Dance circles in North America to assist in its mailing
  • Enlist/maintain a volunteer(s) to monitor our Facebook Page
  • Continue to encourage generosity toward DUPNA, including the Holiday card and other potential fundraising projects

Accomplishments for 2017

  • Continued to provide and enhance our online quarterly newsletter
  • Continued to maintain and enhance the website for ease of use as well as improvement in the content displayed on the website from the database
  • Developed the Peace in Action Toolkit to the website as a resource for peace building exercises and inspiration to dance leaders and dancers to further their contribution to creating peace
  • Created and mailed original Holiday Cards to members as a connection and fundraising project, assisted by Dance Circles mailing them
  • Conducted a teleconference focused on Peace in Action
  • Continued to raise awareness of our website and resources to dance leaders and circles
  • Instituted new policies to create a database of contacts for dance circles that provide qualified people as contacts to help protect the integrity of the Dances
  • Added one full board member to the DUPNA Board


Our configuration circa 2011


Our Mission Statement:

Dances of Universal Peace, North America is a 501(c)3 public benefit corporation organized for charitable purposes, specifically to foster participation in the Dances of Universal Peace and Spiritual Walks in North America. [adopted by the Board in July, 2008]

In its broadest form and at its heart, the Dance network is a worldwide interlinked circle of hearts, as symbolized by our logo (a registered Service Mark). Dances of Universal Peace, North America is the central organization connecting the many Dance circles across North America as well as coordinating with other regions worldwide, and supporting the work of the Guidance Council and its support organization, Dances of Universal Peace International. DUPNA is also a non-profit 501(c)3 legal vehicle, handling tax deductible contributions from US residents.

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