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Your upcoming Dance event or Dance circle can be included on this web site.

Please submit detailed information about your Event or Dance Circle. A representative of Dances of Universal Peace North America will review the information and contact you if there are any questions. Once approved, your Event or Dance Circle will be added to our web site/s. Approval may take a few days depending on availability of staff. (Circles are listed which have at least one leader active in the Leaders Guild.)

When scheduling your event, you may want to check for other scheduled events. See the Related Events Calendar. Also, for many resources that may assist you in preparing your event, visit our new Dance Organizer Toolkit. You may add a link to your Regular circle's web site at More Dance Listings, Links, Websites.

A special note for events organizers: DUPNA posts events in our One-Time Events listings where those event descriptions mention, by name, that “Dances of Universal Peace” are featured as at least one part of the event, including in that event’s promotions to the wider public, and DUPNA asks that event organizers whose events mainly involve Dances of Universal Peace and who advertise via our website consider making a donation to this regional organization from the profits of their event (if any). 10% (ten percent) is considered a reasonable donation amount, though that is merely a guideline. Events that don’t make much, if any, profit might consider $1 per event attendee, for example.

Thanks for contributing!


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