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DUPNA wishes to support Dance leaders and musicians, as well as creators of invaluable instructional materials that support deepening of attunement to the Dances. Clicking on the materials listed on this page will take you to the originators' websites where these resources are available to leaders and musicians for the Dances of Universal Peace.

The items listed here link directly to websites and materials provided for sale by the originators. DUPNA does not sell these items nor receive any proceeds from any sales. Sellers have made specific contributions or are regular contributors to Dances of Universal Peace North America.


Leading and Playing Music for the Dances

If you have ever played as a musician for the Dances, you realize that there is more to Dance musicianship than simply knowing the correct notes or rhythm; that a deep attunement to the sacred phrase, to the intent of the leader and to the energy of the circle is required.  We hope that these materials will help provide musicians a sense of connection to the rest of the Dance musician network and will support the development of refined, attuned musicians!


Open Tuning for Sufi Dancing

DUPNA is pleased to introduce this wonderful resource from our friend Khalif Ramananda Rohsenow, who has tirelessly helped promote and support Dance circles and Dance events in the Bay Area and Northern CA and is dedicated to helping new musicians gain access to guitar instruction. To that end, he has created a beautiful website with videos and manuals. These are given as a heart offering and no profit is sought for this labor of love.

Khalif Ramananda writes: "I created this site because I felt there was a need for a simple way for beginners anywhere in the world to learn to play guitar for the dances, without needing an instructor to be physically present."

Visit the lovely site and learn more!


Anahata Iradah's Offerings

NEW! I Planted Seeds... Dances of Universal Peace, Volume I


Rhythms of Universal Peace - Compiled and Arranged by Anahata Iradah:



Dancing The Heavenly Abodes - Anahata Iradah & Prema Dasara:


Tara's Chest of Treasures Vol.1 DVD - Prema Dasara & Anahata Iradah:


Bernie Heideman's Resources

Dances of Universal Peace Instructional and "Joy of Chant" DVDs by Bernie Heideman:



See our Dance Organizer Toolkit for more resources for your Dance circle!

Check back for additional resources. Meanwhile, stay tuned!

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