Volunteers: The Heartbeat of the Network


How You Can Help

We are drawn to the Dances for many reasons - music and movement, sacred phrases, devotional prayer, the experience of unity and for our own healing as well as for cultivating a healing presence -, and from that we become involved in a wider community of kindred souls. If you want to broaden your sense of community, and deepen the scope of your involvement with the Dances, consider volunteering your time for this organization that supports the work (and play) of the Dances in North America.

Skills that would be greatly welcomed right now are grant writing and fund raising, social networking skills on the internet, and public relations skills in networking and writing. Computer skills and email ability are definite assets. The most core of the "skills" is, of course, the open heart and the desire to serve, so don't despair if the above-mentioned ways to help don't fit you - there's always room for a willing and enthusiastic volunteer.

If you are interested in serving the Dances in North America, please consider the following, in addition to the above:

Submitting articles and photos (especially photos!) for the NA Newsletters. Contact the NA Newsletter Coordinator for more information.

Helping to develop ways to support local Dance Circles and/or take the Dances further into the world, and working with outreach projects.

Helping plan and strategize on how to hold a North American Dance camp.

Contact us if you want to learn about opportunities on the DUPNA board.

Contact DUPNA for more information.