The Crestone Experience


Name of Camp: Crestone Experience

Location: Crestone, Colorado USA

Nearest Airport: Alamosa, Denver, or Alberqueque

Time of Year: Last weekend in July

Who Attends: Anyone

Weather: Warm

Accommodations: Camping on site or stay at retreat homes

Special Considerations: No Alchohol

Special Features: We dance in the big DUP Tent plus a Stupa, Ashram, Ziggurat, and Shumei

Contact / email:   719-937-3052

Camp Write-Up: The Crestone Experience is powerful as it includes dancing at SACRED SITES and participation at SPIRITUAL CENTERS.

When we eat, dance, and pray together we co-facilitate a beautiful expansion of consciousness.  We will dance in the big tent, share potlucks/community meals, sing at the campfire, dip in the stream, and enjoy the container of loving communion.  Energetic healing classes will also be offered to enhance the experience: Pineal Gland Activation, Diksha, Angelic Wholeness Blessing, and Merkaba Activation.

The climax of the retreat is dancing at the Ziggurat. As Zikr is the dance to open the wings of the heart and remember ourselves the Ziggurat is a sacred structure that supports and facilitates powerful remembrance. This Ziggurat was built by Najeeb Halaby, the President of Pan American Airlines.  He built this structure for his daughter Queen Noor of Jordan.

We dance the Tashi Gomang Stupa, representing the 84,000 doors to enlightenment.

Receiving Jorei, a powerful shakti transmission, at Shumei, Japanese Spiritual Center


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