Hummingbird Dance & Wazifah Retreat - Jemez Springs, New Mexico


Name/theme of Camp: Hummingbird Dance & Wazifah Retreat

Location: Hummingbird Music Camp, Jemez Springs, NM

Nearest Airports: Albuquerque International Sunport

Time of Year: Two per year, the 1st full weekends in May & October

Weather: Daytime temperatures are usually between 70 and 80 degrees with nighttime lows in the 40’s and 50's. The possibility of rain is always there.

Who Attends: All are welcome

Accommodations: Accommodations are either camping or simple, clean, and rustic shared rooms. Bring your own bedding for a small savings. A limited number of single rooms are available. All bathrooms/showers are shared. Camping, bring your own tent etc. Price includes meals from Saturday breakfast through Sunday lunch.

Special Considerations: An outstanding local chef provides mostly organic food, including fresh regional produce, and makes every effort to accommodate gluten & dairy free diets. There is always a vegetarian option. Camp attendees offer seva with either vegetable chopping or kitchen clean-up (between dance sessions). Cell phone reception in this area is poor and there is no internet service. We try to make this a fragrance free event.

Special Features: Partial Scholarships available for individuals 35 years old and younger.

Contact: or

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Camp Write-Up: Camp theme varies from year to year. Led by Maboud & Tara Andrea and occasionally teachers from different inclusive spiritual traditions. Camp activities include Dance of Universal Peace, Zikr. There also an emphasis on Wazifah practices and wazifah dances. There are many original dances emphasizing the Wazifahs that have arisen from our relationship with the Beautiful Names of the Divine Essence. These qualities are also sacred seeds of possibility inherent in our human hearts, representing pathways to becoming complete and balanced human beings. Through attuning to these realities of our divinity and humanity, we are led to shed a new light on suffering, our limitations and wounded ego condition.

These Names or Wazifahs can help us understand the challenges of our humanity that are often driven by our perceived isolation and separateness from the presence of love. We hope that through these dances and practices we can more fully to embrace the qualities of a higher power within us and outside us that enable us to live more fully as compassionate, joyful, peaceful, wise, connected and balanced individuals.

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