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The North American Journal was born from a vision of having a tangible way to share stories, photos and articles about the vibrancy of the Dances in North America across the whole continent (not forgetting Hawaii). From a simple beginning, the Journal has grown to include graphics and artwork, poetry, Dance Write-ups and events listings, as well as the original concept of stories, photos, and articles, all collected from across the region.

The Latest Issue

Although to this point the Board has been reluctant to let go of a paper Journal - citing the warm fuzzy feeling of curling up with it and a cup of tea, the beauty of it sitting on a coffee table waiting to be read, and the power of sharing copies of it with new dancers at a retreat or event - the North American DUP board is coming to recognize the environmental and budgetary impacts of a large paper magazine. Accordingly, it is now planned to have the North American Journal continue on as an online e-journal, which will include some of the many exciting multi-media elements that the online format makes possible.

And now, we are so pleased - thanks to the work of volunteer Tarana Wesley and Shivadam - to be able to offer digital scans of the entire collection of past issues, available in the list below. Many thanks to all who have contributed your beautiful efforts to the North American Journal!

Your participation helps make the Journal even more vibrant: periodically, a call goes out over the DancingPeace listserve and our membership email posting, asking for poetry, artwork, photographs and articles related to the Dances. Watch for that call and send in your most beautiful work – you could get published! If those don’t appeal, then consider becoming a member of Dances of Universal Peace, North America and supporting the Journal through your membership dollars.

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The North American Journal Archives


Issue #9, 2011: NEW! DIGITAL ARCHIVE (.pdf)

“Love, Harmony, and Beauty”

This issue features an article on using Genesis as a personal creation process by Grace Marie; a Write-up from the Dancing with Mary Magdalene cycle by Amina Linda McMakin; and a fascinating look at how a Dance gets documented from a Dance Leader’s perspective.

Winter 2009/2010: NEW! DIGITAL ARCHIVE (.pdf)

“Toward the One, United With All"

This issue included a special feature on the Centennial Jubilee of Hazrat Inayat Khan’s journey from India to the west; portraits of youth growing up in the Dances; and an article considering the etiquette of hugging at Dance circle meetings. (ORIGINAL PRINT FILE [.pdf])

Winter 2008/2009: NEW! DIGITAL ARCHIVE (.pdf)

“Good Where We’ve Been, Good Where We’re Going To”
This issue included an article about the Children’s Global Peace Project, the unexpected at Dance meetings, the growth of the Canyonlands Dance Camp, how to keep a Dance meeting going, and the greening of our Dance camps.

Winter 2007/2008: NEW! DIGITAL ARCHIVE (.pdf)

“Let There Be Peace on Earth and Let it Begin with Me”
This issue included a memorial to Jeanne Ayesha Lauenborg, an article on leading Dances as a Buddhist, an account of leading Dances in the Holy Land, and more.

Winter 2006/2007: NEW! DIGITAL ARCHIVE (.pdf)

“Thy Light is in All Forms”

This issue featured an article by Pir Shabda Kahn about Pir-o-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan, as well as articles on peacemaking, musicianship, and dancing with children.

Winter 2005/2006: NEW! DIGITAL ARCHIVE (.pdf)

“Use Us For the Purpose”

This issue included an account of combining Dances with Rumi poetry, a kidney transplant sparked by the Dances, an article about service, and an inquiry into the effectiveness of the Dances as a spiritual path.

Winter 2004/2005: NEW! DIGITAL ARCHIVE (.pdf)

“Toward the One”

In addition to new Dances and an events calendar, this issue included articles about archiving and publishing, alternative Dance camps, poetry, and an article about how childhood stories set the stage for involvement with the Dances.

Winter 2003/2004: NEW! DIGITAL ARCHIVE (.pdf)

Second Issue

This issue introduced the first previously unpublished Dance write-ups and event calendar, as well articles about Dancing in prisons, giving and receiving feedback, the California Quarterlies, and “snapshot” articles about nine Dance circles or local events.

Fall 2002: NEW! DIGITAL ARCHIVE (.pdf)

Inaugural Issue: Intertwining Circles

This first issue included an interview with Wali Ali, poetry, and articles and photos from 13 circles across the region. The issue is no longer available.

(Click on the thumbnails or links above to open .pdf files of archived Journals.)

Past issues of the Journal are available to Dance circles to use as handouts at their gatherings or at other events. You may order back-issues by contacting the NA Office.


North American Journal Audio Clips

The North American Region has been publishing music, instructions, and attunements for new Dances regularly in its journal since 2003. Beginning in 2006, sound clips from those published Dances were made available on this web page. These audio clips are of Dances highlighted in the NA Journal with musical notation, movements, and attunement. The Dances that appear in the Journal have been approved by the originators’ mentors, and these .mp3 recordings have been approved by the originators.

2007-2008 Journal

Jesus, Won't You Come By Here

Abram Van Dover leading the dance with a retreat group in North Carolina

2006-2007 Journal

Ahavah Raba
Recorded by originator Amina Linda McMakin

Ana Elna
Led by the Dance's originator, Lila Flood

For The Beauty
Led by Pir Shabda Kahn

Mother Trilogy
From the CD "Remember" by the Dance's originator, SierraLynne White

Om Mani Padme Hum
Led by Pir Shabda Kahn

Zimbabwe Zikr
Led by Pir Shabda Kahn

2005-2006 Journal

Allahu Ahad
This recording was made during the May 2005 Advanced Dance Leader Training in Oregon. Leilah Be, Dance originator, is leading the Dance

Pieces of Cloud
This recording was made during the May 2005 Advanced Dance Leader Training in Oregon. Susan Sheely, Dance originator, is leading the Dance

This recording was made during a weekend retreat with Pir Shabda Kahn in Prescott Arizona, June 2005. Janine Jamia Walter, the Dance originator, is leading the Dance, with commentary from Shabda - notice the zamponas (Andean pan pipes)! The recording starts with the second phrase of the first section of the Dance, NOT at the beginning of the first phrase

This recording was made during the Sufi Sesshin, January 2005. Gregory Gayan Long, the Dance originator, is leading. You can hear him giving directions and Shabda singing harmony

Thanks to Dale Blindheim, James Warner, Shabda Kahn and Nicholas Leonardo Lizza for providing audio files, and to Sky Majida Roshay for coordinating this effort.

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