Supporting Dances of Universal Peace in North America

The vision of the Dances is to bring peace to the world by encouraging people to eat, dance and pray together, bringing a sense of spiritual connection within and without. Your contributions allow the organization to fulfill its mission to support Dance circles, dancers, leaders, and musicians across the region. And, DUPNA is a public benefit non-profit in the United States, so all contributions are tax deductible.

Your contribution in Dances of Universal Peace North America is a tangible expression of your place in the region-wide Dance circle and your support of the growth and health of the Dances we so love. You can read about the projects that your money goes toward, here.

These are ways to support this work:

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IMPORTANT NEWS ABOUT MEMBERSHIP FOR DANCE LEADERS: If you are a Dance leader you are required to pay a leaders guild fee. Keeping your LG fee current gurantees access to all of the services provided to Dance leaders by Dances of Universal Peace International and the Guidance Council. For more information, and to pay your LG fee, follow these links:

Explanation of IN LG fees and donations:

Pay your LG fee directly, here: