Quartzsite Winter Desert Rendezvous

Name of Camp: Quartzsite Winter Desert Rendezvous.

Location: Short-term BLM Land West of Quartzsite AZ.

Nearest Airport: Phoenix AZ or Palm Springs CA.

Time of Year: Eight days in Mid-January.

Who Attends: Peace Dancers who have Campers or RVs, or who like camping in remote areas in their cars or vans.

Weather: Average daytime high temperature, 70°, night time low, 48°. Average wind, 6 mph, and gusts above 35 mph possible; be prepared for wind chill, sun, or climate change. Daily schedule will be adjusted for best enjoyment of the weather.

Accommodations: Free desert camping with no services. You will need to come in your camper or RV (tents not recommended; quite a few people camp in their cars or vans.) Arrive with empty tanks and full water. Trash is carry-in carry-out. No water for drinking or washing, no portapotty near our site. In-town motels require booking many months in advance.

Special Considerations: We dance out of doors under the sky, and we sing at our campfires at night under the stars. Watch out for long lines of traffic when you arrive.

Special Features: Quartzsite is a town of 3,000 (in the summer) surrounded by BLM land. In the winter the population swells to hundreds of thousands as that land fills with RVs and campers of every sort. There are hundreds of groups such as square dancers, Red Cross volunteers, the Boomers and the Rubber Tramps who meet each year on the short-term land. Their season centers on January 18-26 while the gem show is underway and the "big tent" (four blocks long) is up and full of vendors that are of interest to road travelers.

Contact: Jai, email: peace@r2v2.net

Camp Write-Up: We initiate a calendar of events that includes potlucks, music campfires, desert hikes, outings, supply runs, and Dances of Universal Peace under the desert sky. This is a bonding experience as we continue to dance and sing during various changes in the weather. Some dances will likely be held at the sites of other groups such as the Rubber Tramp Rally. Our camp adjoins a large area of empty rolling desert ideal for hiking.


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