and Your Circle's mission is to get people off of their computers and into gatherings with people who have shared interests. Perfect for the Dances of Universal Peace!

Whether you already have a list-serve, use Constant Contact, MailChimp or Facebook, may be a good resource for announcing your Dance meetings to folks in your area. The subscription fee may be offset by the new dancers this method can attract to your circle.

PLEASE NOTE: As of Aug., 2015, is no longer offering any discount to Meetups "chapterized" with Dances of Universal Peace. Regular rates now apply. We recommend that you do continue to include "Dances of Universal Peace" as a group topic.



Visit and explore meetups happening in your area, or start your own Meetup group for your Dance circle!


Find other Dances of Universal Peace Meetup Groups, and see what others are doing on Meetup. Click to view DUP on the Meetup map.


How does work?

When a Meetup Group is started, the creator applies/selects "topics." Then, anyone who belongs to who lives near the georgraphical area of the zip code for that Group, and whose profile lists the same topics of interest, will get email messages for those Meetups. They may then add those Groups to their own list of groups they "belong" to.

In other words, is a form of very low cost, online "advertising" that specifically targets only people who live in the area and have interest in the topic.

An added bonus from "Did you know that you can run up to 3 groups on one account, under a single Organizer Dues plan? That means you have room on one account to start up 2 additional Meetup Groups. For information on starting a new Meetup Group, check out our Help Center article:"

Setting up a Meetup Group is fun and easy!


Dance Organizers' Testimonials

"It is proving effective here. Lots of folks have signed up, many of whom are long-time dancers who have recently moved here, and this is how they found our Dance meetings. On deciding to try, our circle reasoned that if even two new people come to a Dance each month from Meetup, then it would pay for itself. It is working that way, and some who come have encouraged their friends to come, too. The site is very easy to use. All you need is one person who will post Dance events and manage the group (though any number can share administration of your Meetup Group). Once you set up your first meeting(s), then the next months' meetings can easily be scheduled with just a couple of mouse-clicks. The way I see it is that, as more people go onto the web to find things to do in their communities, a DUP site helps to ensure that the Dances of Universal Peace are among thier options; this is one way to expand the presence, the awareness of the Dances in North America, and so it is one way that our circle can support the work of the Dances. can connect automatically with Facebook if you like, too. Check out!" ~ Shivadam, Dances of Universal Peace, Phoenix Area

”In our circle we're thinking of using Meetup as our website and as our way of reminding our circle community of our dance events and monthly circles, rather than using an email list. Love, Hayat”


A Special Note

We encourage you to add this, or any official DUP logo, to your North American website:

"The logo may be used by all mentored leaders of the Dances of Universal Peace, as well as for official business of the organization."

(Please review the "Website Use and Inclusion Policy" before applying a DUP logo.)

For those who qualify, we offer and encourage use of these images and related source code. To download the image to your machine, if you are using Windows, right-click the image, and if you are using a Macintosh, press the Control key and click. Then select "save image as" or "save picture as" or "download image to disk". Be sure to store it in the same directory as your .html file containing the code (or adjust the img src tag appropriately).

Also, consider including this text on your websites: Para más información sobre las Danzas de Paz Universal por favor visita


Link up!

As we move forward together as a Dances of Universal Peace community, we further connect throughout our North American region via "reciprocal linking": Please be sure your current website is listed on this site (Go to the "Add Your Dance Event" section.)

Then, in order to ensure your visitors have easy access to the full set of resources at the North America and International DUP websites, please update or add these links at your website:

Dances of Universal Peace International

Dances of Universal Peace, North America

Thank you!