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Dances of Universal Peace North America offers Zooms and Teleconferences.

These gatherings have proved to be a great way of sharing ideas and connecting with Dance circle leaders, musicians, and dancers across the Region and beyond. Watch your email for Newsletters and DancingPeace group for invitations, and join in the conversation! For more information, or to RSVP for a call, you may contact the NA Office.

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Past Teleconferences Archive

Missed a Telecon or Zoom? Want to listen or watch again? Click the following links to view, listen, or download these Archived Zooms and Teleconferences.

Jubilee: Celebrating the Legacy of Murshid Samuel Lewis, January 17, 2021 (Video)

Honoring Murshid Sam on his 50th Urs through stories and song, and guided healing meditation. Listen in and receive the blessings! (Audio)

Blessed DUPNA Zoom Event on September 13, 2020

DUP and the Pandemic - Present and Future: Sustaining and Nourishing Our Beloved Community. The Zoom event was organized by a committee of DUPNA Board members and the DUPNA Regional Administrator with the intention of creating a sacred space where lovers of the Dances could meet and discuss their feelings about the impact of the pandemic on our dance community. We hope you’ll enjoy this audiorecording.

Conversation with Murshid Mariam Baker. January 19, 2020

Listen to an informative and inspiring interview with Murshid Mariam Baker, in which she discusses topics including the guidance from Murshid Samuel Lewis on the phrase “In unison with the will of God, we will to have peace”. She shares her story of how she became involved with the Dances in 1972, memories of Moineddin Jablonski, the foundation walks, attuning to the divine Feminine, Soulwork, Dances of Universal Peace in the world today, and more! View Video File (230 MB)

January 15, 2019 Teleconference with Murshida Tasnim Hermila Fernandez
Held on the 48th Urs of Samuel L. Lewis

Listen in to this interesting, informative and delightful teleconference. Murshida Tasnim recalled for us the purity of the transmission of the Dances of Universal Peace as it came through Murshid Samuel Lewis and reminded us of our opportunity and responsibility as dance leaders to be lineage holders for this "golden elixir". She told stories from the early days of working with Saadi and shared with us how Pir Vilayat clarified the vital importance of maintaining the sacredness of the Dances. We also heard esoteric teachings of the meaning of Tasawwuf and Dervish and how these teachings relate to our role as dance leaders. There is much to learn and gain inspiration for our lives in this conversation with Murshida Tasnim.

Minutes from the October 15th 2018 POWR Call

01-15-18 Murshid SAM Urs Celebration with Abraham and Halima Sussman

On this 47th Urs of Murshid Samuel Lewis, Abraham and Halima shared their direct experiences with Murshid Sam and their many years of traveling worldwide teaching embodied universal Heart wisdom through the Dances. Their experiences are inspirational, their knowledge practical and deep, and their devotion to the message of Love, Harmony, and Beauty purposeful and dynamic. They also shared a preview of the 50th anniversary celebration of the Dances that will happen in the form of a multi circle Global Peace Dance in June 2018!

01-10-18 Preliminary Plans for the Parliament of World Religions 2018!

In this teleconference participants discussed the particulars of what is needed to create a beautiful experience of our offering of the Dances of Universal Peace at the Parliament of the World Religions to be held in Toronto, Canada in November 2018. The Dances were very well received at the Parliament in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2015. We are hoping to build on the momentum we gathered at the 2015 Parliament with a presence at the next Parliament. If you are interested in helping bring the dances to the Parliament in Toronto as a volunteer organizer, volunteer coordinator, Dance leader, or technical support person, please let us know!

08-14-17 Peace in Action: Creating a World of Love and Justice beyond the Dance Circle

Helga Schleeh (Montreal, Quebec) and Tajali Tolan (Evansville, Wi) are two highly motivated, hard working, artistic and well spoken dance leaders who have created some inspired approaches to further the work and benefits of the Dances of Universal Peace. These times are calling all people, especially those of us already focused on the power of understanding unity in diversity, to become increasingly involved in spreading the message of love, harmony and beauty. Listen in and be enlivened by the efforts and joy of these teachers of peace. Also, visit the Peace in Action toolkit on the DUPNA website for more ideas of how you can help create a world of love and justice.

05.01.2016 Reflections on the 2015 Parliament of the World's Religions

The Dances of Universal Peace were shared in oneness at the Parliament. Dance leaders, who assisted and participated, share their stories, reflections and inspirations: Sky Majida and Shivadam (Arizona), Rahmana (Idaho) and Elizabeth (Bainbridge Island).The gratitude, joy and inspiration they felt comes through loud and clear. This group expresses with great enthusiasm the wonder of going "on pilgrimage" to this "love-fest kaleidoscope of humanity." Of note is the life-altering aspect, wherein the participants responded to the call to share the vision and hope of inter-religious harmony that filled the huge rooms and hallways where nearly 10,000 people had gathered. Listen in and imagine the possibilities!

06.23.2015 Leading Dances in Unusual Places

with Grace Marie, Hal Dessal, Jen Friedman and Jane Sky. These adventurous and devoted Dance leaders have stories to share about their unique experiences. Grace Marie has led Dances in many different countries at events, conferences, homes and retreats as well as throughout the U.S. Hal will share his story about leading Dances at men's retreats, seasonal celebrations and in Poland. Jen has been leading in churches as well as large conferences, schools, and at collaborative community gatherings. Jane has led the Dances at music festivals and elementary schools.

01.28.13 State of the Circle

An open discussion telecon with Dance leaders and circle organizers and members of the DUPNA Board. This was an opportunity for us all to share ideas and challenges and our vision for the continued growth of the Dances. Many interesting experiences were shared, and suggestions made. A text transcript of the call is available (click here for transcript).

The following 2012 telecons represent a series of interview/discussions with several of our senior mentors. Each is approximately one hour in duration:

08.27.12 The Art of Giving Feedback

A special interview between Radha Tereska Buko (Senior Mentor of the DUP, editor/compiler of the Foundation Dance Manual, from Vermont) and Lucinda Abbe (Dance leader and DUPNA board president, from Wyoming). They discussed questions related to the Art of Giving Feedback. Radha shared ways of getting positive results by learning what and how to feedback. Positive communication can be used in any situation within a Dance circle, or even beyond.

08.06.12 The Artistry of Dance Leading and Dancing

A telephone conversation with Anahata Iradah (senior mentor, musician and composer, film producer) and Sky Majida Roshay (mentor, musician, DUPNA Volunteer Coordinator) on the concept of artistry as it applies to the Dances. The concept goes beyond any sense of skill or talent; the conversation covers ideas and attunements that go beyond any limited definition of the word, opening fascinating avenues for growth and contemplation.

07.26.12 The Walking Practices initiated by Murshid Samuel L. Lewis

A telecon conversation between Murshid Wali Ali Meyer (an original mureed of Murshid SAM and his secretary, and the head of the Ruhaniat's Esoteric School) and Lucinda Abbe (Dance leader and DUPNA board President from Wyoming) discussing the various aspects of the Walking Practices. Click here to view the written transcript.

07.09.2012 Personal Growth through the Dances of Universal Peace

You are invited to listen in on a special interview between Abraham Sussman (an original mureed of Murshid SAM, a Senior Mentor of the DUP and the Co-chair of the Leaders Guild Ethics Council) and Hayat Donna Bain (musician, Dance leader and recent DUPNA board member from Virginia). They will be discussing the relationship between personal growth and the Dances as a personal spiritual practice, and you are invited to listen in. Click here to view the written transcript.

06.25.12 The relationship between Buddhism and the Dances of Universal Peace

You are invited to listen in on a dialogue with Sheikha Darvesha Victoria MacDonald (head of the Guidance Council, senior mentor in the Dances of Universal Peace, Ziraat farmer and Vipassana teacher) and Shivadam Adam Burke (musician, Dance leader and DUPNA board member from Arizona) as they discuss the relationship between Buddhism and the Dances of Universal Peace. Many thanks to Hamid and Hakima for recording the call, and to Anjahli for this written transcript.

06.11.12 What is a Sufi? How does that relate to the Dances of Universal Peace?

The interview with Pir Shabda, conducted by Jamilla Nur/Carla Hannaford, Ph.D (Dance leader recently accepting an invitation to join the DUPNA board), includes history and stories of times with Murshid SAM, thoughts on zikr, and much more food for thought and light for the soul.

Earlier telecons

06.08.11 Supporting the Next Generation of Dancers (no audio recording)

A telecon between DUPNA and Oneness Project Board members and several young people involved with the Dances was held in June 2011 on the subject of attracting younger people into the Dances. These were the main topics of the call:

- Keeping in touch is essential, if you're not a member of a particular organization then you don't hear about stuff. How about one listserve that touches all organizations? How about NA email newsletter going out to people regardless of their membership status? And what about a directory of next generation people accessible to those same folks - what would that look like?

- Weekends are more attractive than weeklong camps for time and money reasons and you are not so separated from your regular life - thus more integrated. Great idea: Pick a weekend, schedule a retreat in 10 different cities for that weekend.

- The next-generation needs to hear and feel the sincere invitation (and follow-through) to step up into leadership. Sometimes it feels as though the words are there, but no following action/intention. How about greeters at dances and retreats that make sure everyone feels included?

- Next-generation mentors. In each area/region we need mentors who are specifically attracted to and therefore committed to mentoring younger people coming into leadership and will serve connecting these up and coming folks.

01.19.11 Stories of Murshid SAM (Find audio here)

Pir Shabda, Wali Ali, Taj Inayat, Fatima Lassar, and others who had a personal relationship with him share their memories and experiences. This is an opportunity to deepen connection to Murshid SAM and the blessing stream of the DUP. Some of the stories are from recordings made at the 2010-2011 Sufi Sesshin; some are live. Full tapes of the Sufi Sesshin talks posted on the Golden Gate Sufi Circle website. See photos of the speakers and of the beginning days of the Dances.

9.27.10 Engaging Young Adults in the Dances of Universal Peace

A discussion about how to encourage participation by young adults in the Dances of Universal Peace.  Presented by young adult members from throughout our Dance community including Jon Maitreya Stevens (NY), Katie Hamida Wiese (MA), Heidi Stinson (PA), and Alliann Rutherford (NY), and Jen Friedman (CO). (Download the .doc text notes - click here)


Darvesha MacDonald, Malika Merrill and Halima Sussman, of the Guidance Council, explained the vision behind the new MTG Guidelines, the emphasis on Dance leading as a spiritual path rather than a focus on the goal of certification, and responded to comments and questions from attendees regarding aspects of the new guidelines. (The Welcome letter to the new MTG Guidelines captures very well the essence of them: this is a deep spiritual calling and path. The full Guidelines, which we should all read, can be found on the IN website.)

6.9.10 New MTG Guidelines

A heartfelt discussion of the new Guidelines with insight into the crafting of the document: what was emphasized, what was de-emphasized, what was added and changed to create the 28 pages of guidance for dance leaders. Everyone agreed that the result is something one can read again and again, as it is both inspiring and encouraging, useful and nourishing. We read on page 10, “allow yourself to be a channel for the bestowing of blessings”. Thanks to our mentors! (Download the .doc text notes - click here)

4.25.10 The Internet and Your Circle

"UTILIZING THE INTERNET TO HELP GROW AND SUSTAIN YOUR DANCE CIRCLE" A roundtable discussion led by folks who are already using some of these social networks for their own Dance circles and events. Learn from the successes of Dance leaders and organizers across the region as they share their experiences with Facebook, Meetup.com and more. Featured speakers included Salim Matt Gras, John Hakim Bushnell, Damira Pamela Norris, and Shivadam Adam Burke. (Download the .doc text notes - click here)

1.25.10 Small Circles

"CATCH THE JOY: IDEAS FOR SMALLER AND RURAL CIRCLES and WORKING WITH NEW DANCERS" A wide ranging conversation that covered working in new venues, working with smaill groups and children, and how to best include new dancers and make them feel comfortable and welcome. Dance Mentor Radha Tereska Buko (VT) was the main speaker, with insights and additions from many of the participants.
(Download the .doc text notes - click here)

9.23.09 Musician Attunement

“MUSICIANSHIP ATTUNEMENT” Playing music for the Dances involves much more than being able to keep a beat and play in tune. Four speakers offered their insights about the kind of attunement required of graceful Dance musicians; the speakers were Hayra Fatah (WA), Munir Peter Reynolds (MT), Abraham Sussman (MA) and Sky Majida Roshay (AZ).

6.8.09 Dance Organizers

“SUPPORTING OUR DANCE ORGANIZERS” This regional teleconference call included presentations on the topics of advertising & publicity; researching events and venues; skillful communication among DUP Leaders; long-term sustainability & building community connections; and sustaining circles in rural areas. Presenters were HayraFatah (Seattle, WA); Tajali Teresa Tolan (Children’s Global Peace Project); Anjahli Patti Stratton (Big Island, Hawaii); Farrunnissa Lila Rosa (Durham, NC); Munira Judith Avinger (Quebec, Canada) and Jalila Joanne Murray (Ontario, Canada).
(Download the .doc text notes - click here)

3.31.09 Pir Shabda telecon

OUR FIRST TELECON: DUPNA was proud to have Pir Shabda Kahn, the Spiritual Guide of the Sufi Ruhaniat International, as the main speaker. In this telecon we explored the history of the Dance network and its changing role and status in the light of the changing financial foundation. (Download the .doc text notes - click here)


Etiquette Tips for Attending a Teleconference Call

  • Be mindful of your surroundings
  • Call from a quiet location
  • Turn off the ringer of a multi-line phone or any other phone in the room
  • Use optimal equipment
  • * 6 to mute and un-mute

The best equipment choice for your conference is a phone unit directly hard-wired into telephone lines.

If possible, avoid using cell phones, cordless phones, speakerphones and Internet telephone services for your conference, as they often pick up static and background noise.
A bad connection can sometimes be the cause of background static. If this happens, hang up and dial in again until you get a clear line. Test the working condition of your equipment before a teleconference.

Remember the Extras 

When you are not speaking, remember to *6 to mute. When you wish to speak, *6 again to un-mute. This greatly improves the experience for particpants.

Do not put your phone on hold if you have on-hold music or advertisements. Your on-hold music will play for conference participants making conversation impossible in your absence.
Turn off your call-waiting so that its beeping will not disrupt the conference and be confused with entry or exit chimes. For example, dialing *70 before the conference dial-in number disables call waiting for some phone services. If you need assistance with this feature, contact your local phone service provider.


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